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Category Archives: Sedevacantism: Objections

Stuck in a Rut: Anti-Sedevacantism in the Age of Bergoglio

A video by Rev. Anthony Cekada THE ELECTION of Jorge Mario Bergoglio by the March 2013 conclave was a turning point in the ongoing dispute among Catholic traditionalists over the question of the pope: Do we “recognize” the post-Vatican II popes as true popes, but “resist” them? (The “R&R” position held by the Society of St. Pius […]

Dr. de Mattei Prescribes an Anti-Sede Tranquilizer

by Rev. Anthony Cekada A 14th century pope was a “heretic” and remained pope, so Bergoglio must remain pope, too, right? Right?  JORGE BERGOGLIO’s antics are unnerving more and more people in the conservative/traditionalist wing of the post-Vatican II establishment, and it is becoming harder and harder for them to insist that Francis is really […]

Bergoglio’s Got Nothing to Lose…

… so the sedevacantist argument must change. by Rev. Anthony Cekada SINCE JORGE MARIO BERGOGLIO’S election in March 2013, I’ve heard from more and more traditional Catholics who are starting to wonder whether sedevacantism might now be the only coherent way to explain the state of affairs in the post-Vatican II church. As I noted in a post […]

SSPX, “Resistance” and Sedevacantism: A New Video

A conference by Most Rev. Donald J. Sanborn IN A clearly-presented and tightly-reasoned 110-minute talk, delivered in London on Dec. 21, 2013, Bishop Sanborn lays out the case for sedevacantism. He explains that the fundamental question every Catholic must ask himself in our times is: “Does the religion of Vatican II represent a substantial or […]

Sedevacantism: A Quick Primer

Links to essential reading, updated March 2018 by Rev. Anthony Cekada SINCE THE ELECTION of Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) by the March 2013 conclave, more and more Catholics have started to wonder whether the sedevacantist explanation for the state of affairs in the post-Vatican II church might not indeed be the correct one. After all, how […]

SGG Young Person’s Field Guide to Potential Trad Spouses

IT ISN’T easy to be young and a traditional Catholic these days. Practicing the faith – and even just getting to Sunday Mass – requires a lot more effort and determination now than it did when I was growing up in the balmy pre-Vatican II era, and Mass was just a short bike ride away. […]

Pro-Sedevacantism Quotes from Abp. Lefebvre

NOTE FROM FR. CEKADA: In discussions on various forums, I’ve noticed that many SSPX supporters can’t bring themselves to believe that Abp. Lefebvre EVER said ANYTHING that favored sedevacantism, implying in bargain that SSPX sede old-timers like myself are are either liars or delusional. Below is an article by John Daly which provides a nice […]

Fr. Cekada Video: Sedevacantism: How to Tell Aunt Helen

IN 1995, I wrote an article for the periodical Sacerdotium about the emotional difficulties Catholic traditionalists and others have with the issue of “sedevacantism” — the theological position that the post-Vatican II popes were not true popes. The article, I noted, was prompted by a cordial correspondence with the later Father Paul Wickens (left). In […]

Salza on Sedevacantism: Same Old Fare

IN 2005 Catholic Family News and The Fatima Crusader published “Opposing the Sedevacantist Enterprise,” a lengthy anti-sedevacantist tract by Christopher Ferrara, a New Jersey lawyer who has also written extensively for The Remnant and other traditionalist publications. Mr. Ferrara’s pompous pronouncements provided an irresistibly juicy target. I responded with Sedevacantism and Mr. Ferrara’s Cardboard Pope […]

A Pope as a “Manifest” or “Public” Heretic

QUESTION: In 2004 the SSPX Canadian publication “Communicantes” published “Sedevacantism,” a lengthy critique of that position by Fr. Dominique Boulet. One of his principal arguments against sedevacantism was that, whatever you may think about the post-Conciliar popes, they are not really “manifest,” “public,” or “notorious” heretics, as canon law understands those terms. What’s your response […]