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Category Archives: Vatcan II: Effects

A V2 Overview for Neo-Trads

by Rev. Anthony Cekada NOTE: I often get phone or email inquiries from Catholics who have suddenly sensed that there is something deeply wrong in the post-Vatican II church, but who have difficulty pinpointing exactly what it is. I try to give inquirers an overview of the basics, but it’s quite difficult sometimes to compress […]

Three Vatican II Errors: A Two–Minute Course

OK, MR. OR MRS. TRAD — you always tell your Novus Ordo friends how bad “Vatican II” was. But can you actually give them examples of the Council’s main errors? Matthew Arthur and True Restoration to the rescue! They’ve put together a snappy, two-and-a-half minute video that briefly lists and explains the errors for you. Send the […]

Bergoglio’s Revolution: Six Key Points

by Rev. Anthony Cekada IMMEDIATELY upon his election by the March 2013, Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) started signaling his intention to push the Vatican II revolution forward at warp speed. Where John Paul II and Benedict XVI were content to “make haste slowly” and generally willing to follow certain conventions in order to give the […]