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Category Archives: SSPX: Errors

Bishop Fellay, The Three and the SSPX Deal: A Preliminary Analysis

THE EXCHANGE of letters in April 2012 between three SSPX bishops (Bernard Tissier de Mallerais, Richard Williamson and Alfonso de Gallaretta, April 7, 2012) and SSPX Superior General Bernard Fellay (April 14, 2012) over whether SSPX should accept a Vatican offer to be integrated into the Conciliar Church represents a fascinating twist in the ongoing […]

The Leader is Always Right! Fellay, Il Duce, and the SSPX Deal

IN THE FACE of what looks more and more to be an impending deal between SSPX and the Vatican, observation of an English traditionalist on the Ignis Ardens forum speaks volumes about the mentality of the rank-and-file SSPX priest: In London today (May 6, 2012), the priest from the pulpit expressed very frankly how dismayed […]

An SSPX Deal: But Will the Fat Lady Sing?

“The opera ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” — George H.W. Bush OUR FORMER president’s allusion to Wagner’s interminable four-opera “Ring Cycle,” which ends after fourteen confusing hours with a well-upholstered soprano howling a ten-minute aria, comes to mind now in mid-April 2012, when the press and the trad blogsphere is abuzz with talk […]

SSPX vs. Diocesan Priest: Baptism and a Larger Issue

THE FOLLOWING post from “Tridentinist” recently appeared on FishEaters, an Internet forum devoted to issues of interest to traditional Catholics: We attend the SSPX and also the Traditional Mass offered by my brother, who is a priest, and has come to offer the Traditional Mass in terms of Summorum Pontificum, though he still also says […]

Smog-O-Scopus: Bp. Williamson on the New Ordination Rite

In a November 15 post on his blog, Dinoscopus, Bishop Richard Williamson SSPX dismisses an argument against the 1968 priestly ordination rite with the following comment: “But the argument above, to arrive at its conclusion, would have to prove that Conciliar documents and reforms in themselves positively exclude the Catholic priesthood and religion, because so […]

Bp. Williamson Plays Cat and Mouse

IN HIS latest blog entry on Pascendi (St. Pius X’s great Encyclical against modernism), Bishop Richard Williamson (SSPX) once again promotes his theory that the modernists of our own days (Ratzinger and company) are not true heretics because “subjectivism unhooks their mind from reality.” See Pascendi II It is another application of Bishop Williamson’s Mentevacantist […]