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Monthly Archives: November 2007

The St. Michael Prayer: A “Falsified” Text?

ONE STORY that periodically resurfaces in traditionalist circles alleges that the St. Michael Prayer, recited after the traditional Mass in many places as a part of the Leonine Prayers, is a “falsified” version of a longer prayer written by Leo XIII. The longer prayer, the story goes, warned that Judaeo-Masonic infiltrators would achieve their long-time […]

The Traditional Mass: How We “Participate”

QUESTION: Friends who are regulars at the Novus Ordo say that they like all the participation at the service, and that they don’t like the traditional Latin Mass because it doesn’t really have much. I tell them that there’s nothing wrong with not participating, and that it makes for more reverence. Do you have any […]

Bp. Williamson Plays Cat and Mouse

IN HIS latest blog entry on Pascendi (St. Pius X’s great Encyclical against modernism), Bishop Richard Williamson (SSPX) once again promotes his theory that the modernists of our own days (Ratzinger and company) are not true heretics because “subjectivism unhooks their mind from reality.” See Pascendi II It is another application of Bishop Williamson’s Mentevacantist […]