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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Mister Bergoglio’s Neighborhood

Francis greets his Pentecostal “brother bishop” and gives away the store. by Rev. Anthony Cekada For thirty-five years Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, a TV show presided over by a likable and low-key Calvinist minister named Fred Rogers, taught American children the advantages of cooperation and generic “niceness,” and did so utterly without reference to any religious dogma, […]

A Milestone for Restoring the Traditional Liturgy

The pre-1955 altar Missal is being reprinted at last! by Rev. Anthony Cekada OVER THE PAST twenty years or so, Catholics who criticize the post-Vatican II reform of the Mass have become increasingly aware that the new rite did not appear out of nowhere, and that quite few of its features appeared as trial balloons in […]