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Christmas Mission to Nigeria

** FR. CEKADA ON THE NEW MASS :  7:00 PM TONIGHT Restoration Radio**

A newly ordained priest brings the Mass back to his countrymen.

NOTE FROM FR. CEKADA: Today we present a little report from Fr. Bede Nkamuke, a Nigerian who was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Daniel Dolan on November 6, 2013. Fr. Nkamuke, a student at Most Holy Trinity Seminary in Brooksville, Florida, visited Nigeria for several weeks in late December and early January to bring the Mass and the sacraments to groups of faithful traditional Catholics in different parts of his country. Here is a report he sent back to Bishop Dolan.

Nigeria Gr 1I ARRIVED in Ghana around 11:00 AM Saturday, December 14th, after a smooth flight from New York. I was welcomed by Paul Mensah (the only traditional Catholic in Ghana), William, Kenneth and Comfort, and taken to a hotel. I said Mass for them on the same day. There was a question and answer session, where I summarized the origin and history of the traditional Catholic movement. The next day, Sunday, I said Mass. This time Paul brought a new person. After Mass (and thanksgiving), I was asked a few questions, especially by the new person. He wanted to know how one can become a traditional Catholic. I responded that all it takes is to be baptized and reject the false doctrines of the modernist religion (and yes, I explained what I meant by “modernist”). I promised to keep in touch. On Monday I said an early morning Mass with only Paul in attendance, the others having to go to school.

I must tell you with a heavy heart that the ciborium which you gave me was stolen from my bag. I did not realize this until I arrived at the hotel. I am really sorry for this loss. I also lost my Kindle tablet and a CD player, but all that is nothing compared to the ciborium.

Christmas High Mass

Christmas High Mass

Quite a Christmas

My stay in Lagos from the 16th–22nd went well. Due to the fact that the faithful live so far apart, I can only say Mass in Lagos at 8:00 PM. Usually there are questions and answers, Rosary, and the Mass. I sang a high Mass on Sunday the 22nd and went to Port Harcourt and said Mass the same day and the next, then went to Owerri and said Mass the night I arrived (the 23rd) and also on the morning of the 24th. I could not say Mass in Port Harcourt on Christmas Eve as planned because I was late for my flight.

Servers and choir.

Servers and choir.

I flew to Lagos on the 24th and offered the midnight Mass at about 12:30 AM, and went back to Port Harcourt for the second Mass of Dawn. I was on my way to Owerri for the third Mass, driven by a chapel member, when the tire burst while we were on the highway. The car veered off into the brushes on the roadside. Our Lady was in charge and we were unhurt, and with the help of some good Samaritans we got the spare tire on and continued the journey, only for the back tire to get spoiled again. We had to buy a used tire from some people. We continued our journey, but got to Owerri so late that I couldn’t possibly say the Mass. However, the next day (the 26th) we had a sung Mass at my house in Mgbidi. Today (Dec. 27th) I said a Mass in Owerri, and will be doing the same daily through the first of January.

I now keep the chalice in my carry on bag. I’ve been told by the airport officials that I should put it in my checked bag, but I’m paying no mind to them.

Nigeria SeatedFinishing Up

Since the last time I wrote, I have been in the South and Southeast of Nigeria. I say Mass twice daily in those two places (about 90 minutes apart). The people appreciate it and do their best to attend. Thy also help provide money for my transport fare. On January 1st, I supplied ceremony for Philomena, the daughter of William, and I also baptized Silvester (13 years old and well informed about Traditional Catholicism). It was quite an experience for me. I have one more baptism this Sunday before I go to Lagos (the Southwest).

The rest of my program is as follows: I fly to Lagos on Sunday the 5th, then to Abuja to speak to some Feeneyites on the 6th. I return on an early flight on the 8th, then fly to Ghana and onward to the U.S. the same day.

Except for one or two hitches, everything has worked according to plan. Already I am being asked when I will return.

* * *

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