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Marcel Lefebvre: Sedevacantist

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre made many statements that support sedevacantism, the theological position held by Catholic traditionalists who believe that the Vatican II popes were not true popes, due to public heresy.

Father Anthony Cekada, a priest who was a seminarian in SSPX’s early days and who personally knew the archbishop, provides a selection of these statements in this video, and offers a historical perspective on sedevacantism in the Society.

Father Cekada also discusses True or False Pope, a recently-published book-length assault against sedevacantism that was bankrolled by SSPX’s seminary publishing arm, extensively promoted by the Society, and lavishly praised by SSPX Superior General Bishop Bernard Fellay, as well as a slew of SSPX priests.

Among the pointed questions Fr. Cekada raises in this video are:

  • What statements did Abp. Lefebvre make in favor of sedevacantism?
  • Why are the archbishop’s statements missing from a book on sedevacantism that Bp. Fellay and its authors claim is “comprehensive” and “systematic”?
  • Where did the priests attacked in True of False Pope get the idea for sedevacantism anyway?
  • Did Abp. Lefebvre treat sedevacantist clergy as non-Catholics and refuse to associate with them?
  • Did Abp. Lefebvre ever indicate that he would publicly declare the Holy See vacant if he thought it necessary, even though he was only a retired bishop?
  • Did Abp. Lefebvre say it was necessary to put a pope on trial before declaring him a public heretic?

The answers will surprise SSPX priests, seminarians and lay supporters, and will be of great interest of other traditional Catholics, whether Indult, R&R or sedevacantist.

For an article that provides additional quotes on the topic, click here.

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