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Category Archives: Sedevacantism: Objections

Fr. Cekada Video: Sedevacantism: How to Tell Aunt Helen

IN 1995, I wrote an article for the periodical Sacerdotium about the emotional difficulties Catholic traditionalists and others have with the issue of “sedevacantism” — the theological position that the post-Vatican II popes were not true popes. The article, I noted, was prompted by a cordial correspondence with the later Father Paul Wickens (left). In […]

Salza on Sedevacantism: Same Old Fare

IN 2005 Catholic Family News and The Fatima Crusader published “Opposing the Sedevacantist Enterprise,” a lengthy anti-sedevacantist tract by Christopher Ferrara, a New Jersey lawyer who has also written extensively for The Remnant and other traditionalist publications. Mr. Ferrara’s pompous pronouncements provided an irresistibly juicy target. I responded with Sedevacantism and Mr. Ferrara’s Cardboard Pope […]

A Pope as a “Manifest” or “Public” Heretic

QUESTION: In 2004 the SSPX Canadian publication “Communicantes” published “Sedevacantism,” a lengthy critique of that position by Fr. Dominique Boulet. One of his principal arguments against sedevacantism was that, whatever you may think about the post-Conciliar popes, they are not really “manifest,” “public,” or “notorious” heretics, as canon law understands those terms. What’s your response […]

Can an Excommunicated Cardinal be Elected Pope?

QUESTION: The Constitution of Pope Pius XII that establishes the rules for a papal conclave says the following: “34. No Cardinal, by pretext or reason of any excommunication, suspension, in-terdict or other ecclesiastical impediment whatsoever can be excluded in any way from the active and passive election of the Supreme Pontiff. Moreover, we suspend such […]

The “Error” of Pope Nicholas I

QUESTION: I’ve been having a debate with someone about sedevacantism. To prove that the Pope taught error in an official document, my opponent pointed out the letter of Pope Nicholas I to the Bulgars (Dz 335), in which the Pope says that those baptized in the name of Christ are not to be rebaptized (see […]