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Fr. Cekada Video: Sedevacantism: How to Tell Aunt Helen

IN 1995, I wrote an article for the periodical Sacerdotium about the emotional difficulties Catholic traditionalists and others have with the issue of “sedevacantism” — the theological position that the post-Vatican II popes were not true popes.

Inspired by his aunt

The article, I noted, was prompted by a cordial correspondence with the later Father Paul Wickens (left). In one letter he allowed that while many of the sedevacantist arguments seemed reasonable, the “pastoral” side of the issue bothered him. He worried that such a position would shock parishioners, both current and potential, and possibly drive them into the arms of compromise groups such as the Fraternity of St. Peter. How would simpler people react, he wondered. And what would my Aunt Helen think?

With Father Wickens and his dear aunt in mind I set forth the different arguments as simply as I could.

Late last year, Stephen Heiner approached me to do a video interview about this somewhat highly-charged topic for the benefit of his subscribers on the True Restoration website. Stephen has now made this interview available to the general public, and I am happy to present it here.

Traditionalists who are already sedevacantists may find the interview useful in explaining the position to others, and I encourage them to forward the link to anyone they think might be interested in trying to understand the topic.