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A School Parent Condemns the Campaign against SGG

NOTE: The year-long Internet campaign of lies and calumnies against our church and school has deceived and confused many people. One of our parishioners with children in St. Gertrude the Great School gave us permission to publish this e-mail to his parents, who had become worried about all the horrible accusations that our enemies have spread.

Fr. Cekada,

I just found out today that my parents have been following Dr. Droleskey’s and Bernie Hall’s websites. Just shoot me now.

Hoping for better days,

[A school parent]


From: X
Sent: Saturday, January 09, 2010 9:24 PM
To: Dad
Subject: Your Grandchildren’s School

Mom & Dad,

I am so sorry that you have been exposed to the troubles that we’ve been having at our church. This whole situation started almost exactly one year ago (on Christmas eve, of all days), when one of these men first started his crusade of writings against our church and school. I am not sure of their motives, but they make no secret that they want to destroy our parish. Their writings mix truths, half-truths, lies, and exaggerations in order to generate suspicion and dislike against our clergy, principal, and even our principal’s wife and children. Attacking children in a public internet discussion could NEVER be considered Catholic by any standard. Many good people have fallen victim to their lies and exaggerations, and have left our church. It has also worked to keep people away from the traditionalist movement throughout the country.

[My wife] and I have had a tough year, navigating through all of this, but be assured that we have made the best decisions possible. Yes, at some time in the future we may have to consider other schools. But, we feel very strongly that this is the best place for our kids right now. This is our sixth year in the school. Certainly we would have left by now if even half of these calumnies were true. We do not take any of this lightly. I have witnessed their lies first-hand, and they have even twisted MY words and posted them online for their “cause”. Your grandchildren’s physical safety is not in question. The only weapon these people have is their pen.

I have attached three items. The first two are a couple of pictures from the kids’ school Christmas party. Do these happy kids look anything like what is described on these trouble-makers websites? The third attachment is a very well written letter from [another school parent] to one of our benefactors. She’s laid out the situation much better than I could. After she had written this letter, it is true that a few families left the school. However, they left due to the instability of the situation, and they have NOT left our church to join with the troublemakers.

The internet is a dangerous place. It is filled with facts, lies, viruses, treasures, and everything in between. Anyone with a computer and $10 can setup a legitimate looking website and proclaim his or her gospel. Just a quick example: I personally don’t care for Rush Limbaugh, but I know you listen to him. I am pretty confident, though, that he is not racist. So, I searched for “Rush Limbaugh”, and on the very first page in Google, I found this convincing looking page proclaiming his racism: I hope you see my point.

Mom also mentioned that traditionalists “hate” those in the Novus Ordo. This is far from the truth. Everyone is welcome at our church, provided they are dressed modestly and don’t cause any trouble. What we traditionalists do hate is that the Bishops of the Church, from Rome on down have turned what was once a glorious institution into a shell of its former glory. In the 50’s and even into the 60’s schools and hospitals were filled with nuns laboring for the glory of God. The Church had tremendous influence over society, and even Hollywood. There was a packed church in every little town. Processions filled the streets. People lined up for confession, spilling outside, during Holy Week. All of this was destroyed by the spirit of modernism and Vatican II. That is what we fight against. We do NOT condemn the people in the pews. We condemn what the leaders have done to our church; what they have stolen from us.

Our traditionalist priests also deserve thanks. Not just for what they have done for my family, but for the changes they have helped to bring about within the Novus Ordo church. You are probably familiar with, and thankful for, Benedict’s motu proprio permitting more widespread authorized use of the traditional Mass. This was brought about, in no small part, due to the writings against the new Mass of OUR priests (Fr. Cekada and Bp. Sanborn in particular) and other traditionalists.

In closing, I would like to say that I would hope that you would trust my judgment on these issues, over those of a handful of troublemakers, bent on destroying your grandchildren’s little school. Rather than spending time following these men’s ramblings, say a rosary that your grandchildren may persevere, and that peace returns to our church.

Your son,